How to Update your Profile in Fintoo Invest / Fintoo Direct

How to Update your Profile in Fintoo Invest / Fintoo Direct

-Login to Fintoo Invest / Direct account by using already registered Email id / Mobile number and Password.
 -Once login system will ask for user Pan Card
-Enter Pan Card Number
After entering the Pan Card below screen will appear, click on the right top corner human signed drop down button (in orange color) 

-Go to My Account
-Go to Personal Details

-Add Personal Details
-Select Tax Status  (There will be three options Individual, NRI-Non Resident and NRO-Resident)
 Individual - For investors residing in India this option is applicable.
 NRI-Non Resident - For Investors not Residing in India and Earning form outside India.
NRO-Resident - For investors who lives outside India but having other income source in India.
-Select Nominee if any  (Any body can add maximum 3 Nominees, mention percentage % of Nomination)
-Click on Save and Next
-Update Bank Details  (Individual clients can add up to 5 bank accounts where as NRI client can add up to 3 accounts)
-Upload Cancelled Cheque
-Complete you KYC
-If KYC not completed submit  Pan Card, Photo, Address Proof, Signature, Authorize Video (Will take 10-15 day to update KYC)
-Upload Signature (AOF completed)
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